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‘Right, Wrong’, 2D Animation

‘Right, Wrong’, 2D Animation
‘Right, Wrong’, 2D Animation

A long animation ‘Right, Wrong’, directed by Iranian cartoonist Zohal Razavi, is under production and will be out soon after the compositing process.

Addressing teenagers, the three and a half hours film portrays a protagonist and an antagonist in the distant past in an Iranian rural setting thematizing a business climate. The characters create stories focusing on customer-oriented business, quality and precision in trading, Mehr News Agency reports.

The animation is produced via ‘Toon Boom Harmony’, an industry-standard animation tool currently being used to create everything from movies and games to television shows.

“This is considered a breakthrough in the industry, since 2D animations were so far not produced using the new techniques,” she said.

The software has been translated to Persian by Raora Animation Cottage, headed by Razavi. “The animation will be screened first at festivals and then in the domestic and foreign animation markets.”

Founded in 2005, members of the Raora Animation Cottage group have worked on several short animation films for different companies. Later, it expanded its activities and focused on 2D animation TV series.

Razavi, 40, undertakes a wide range of activities including scriptwriting, storyboard, character designing and CG painting.  The group has many successful projects, namely ‘Crows’, ‘Days in Azure’, ‘The Land of Raspberry’, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Gray Gulf’.