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Paintings Take Galleries by Storm

Paintings Take Galleries by StormPaintings Take Galleries by Storm

In a rare event, all the galleries at the Iranian Artists Forum have been filled with paintings from various artists. Particularly outstanding among the exhibitions, is an event called ‘Top headline-Birth of a Painter.’

At the exhibition, in which over 120 artists have participated, artists have been given cardboards the size of a newspaper page by the curators on which to delineate their mental depictions of reality as well as their intellectual fantasies. “The headline of that newspaper becomes in effect the ‘existence’, ‘style’ and even the ‘essence’ of the painter,” Honaronline reported.

“More curated exhibitions mean more quality and more purposeful exhibitions and that is precisely what the exhibition organizers are pursuing,” says one of the event directors. The idea of ‘Top Headline-Birth of a Painter’ was hatched in the management council of the exhibition committee of the Painters Association and after curators were selected, the proposal made by the media section gained the majority of votes, which resulted in the present exhibition.

Some of the artists whose works are on display are Ali Zakeri, Behzad Shishegarn, Ali Nedaeei, Ali Taraghijah, Pejman Shakib, Soodeh Bagheri, and Fereidoon Omidi.

 Manager Artists

Simultaneously displayed in the adjunct galleries at the forum building are some paintings by members of the Managing Council of Painting Association Committees. Their works are being showcased at ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Nami’ galleries.

The three galleries are host to the works of 30 artists, each represented by two paintings with various themes. Mehdi A’alaeinejad, Tahereh Vahedi, Hengameh Abedin, Sarvenaz Monzavi, Maryam Taherianfar, Nazanin Khosrownia, and Alireza Nekoui are among the artists present in this event.

All the works showcased in the twin events are for sale, with prices ranging from $33 to $3000. The exhibits opened their doors to viewers on October 26 and will run until November 2. The visiting hours are from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm on all weekdays.  The forum is located at Art Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleghani St., Tehran.