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Saffarzadeh Congress Ends

Saffarzadeh Congress EndsSaffarzadeh Congress Ends

On the occasion of her 7th death anniversary, the closing ceremony of the Second Literature and Science Congress of Tahereh Saffarzadeh was held at Sooreh Hall of the Art Bureau in Tehran Sunday evening.

Calling Saffarzadeh ‘Iran’s great lady of culture’, director of the bureau’s Literary Creations Center Alireza Ghazveh said, “it is an honor for all poets, researchers, and cultural figures in the country to receive the prize named after this great lady.”

“Although she was a perfect role model in the field of literature, there have not been enough attempts to introduce her to the world,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

Secretary of the congress Reza Esmaeeli expressed hope that in the near future they can hold the congress at the international level.

 Stamp Unveiled

The winners in each of the three sections of poetry, literary essays and research, and student dissertations, selected from 500 works received by the secretariat, were awarded the congress statuette and commendation plaque.

Two books on the life and works of Saffarzadeh and her commemorative stamp were also unveiled including a book of poems titled ‘A Tribute to Awakening’ and her biography ‘The Religion of the Awake’.

The book of selected essays of the congress is to be published next year.

Tahereh Saffarzadeh (1936–2008) was an Iranian poet, writer, translator and prominent university professor. Her bilingual translation of the Qur’an in Persian and English (2001) is the first of its kind.