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‘West–Eastern Divan’ at IFTF

‘West–Eastern Divan’ at IFTF‘West–Eastern Divan’ at IFTF

The play ‘West-Eastern Divan’, directed by Mohsen Hosseini is underway at the 34th International Fajr Theater Festival which concludes on February 1.

The story is inspired by a collection of lyrical poems (1814-1819) from the widely known German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), under the same title, (West–Ostlicher Divan in Germany), Mehr News Agency reported.

The original collection was taken from Goethe’s correspondence with Marianne von Willemer ( Austrian actress and dancer best known for her relationship with  Goethe and her appearance in his poetry) and the translation of poems of Hafez (celebrated ancient Persian poet) by the orientalist Joseph von Hammer.

The work can be seen as a symbol for a stimulating exchange between the Orient and Occident. The phrase “west–eastern” refers not only to an exchange between Germany and the Middle East, but also between Latin and Persian, as well as Christian and Muslim cultures.

The original work includes 12 volumes of different types of poetry, like parables, historical allusions and pieces of invective mirroring the attempt to bring together the Orient and Occident.

The play includes inspirations from 5 of the 12 volumes, narrated by 9 Greek figurines, reclining on Hafez’s and Gothe’s shoulder, said Hosseini.

Based on “dream, motion and performance” the show also has live music.

The cast includes Rouzbeh Mehr, Roya Nonahali, Morvarid Mehr, Elnaz Tarikhi, Lida Fathali, Fatemeh Saremi, Aram Khalkhali, Leila Joneydi, Marjan Sadeqi, Sepideh Seyfouri and Hosseini.

It will be staged for the public from February 5 to March 17, at Charsoo Theater Hall, located on 7th floor of Charsoo Commercial Center, near Hafez Bridge, Jomhouri Ave., Tehran.