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‘War’ in Children’s Painting

‘War’ in Children’s Painting  ‘War’ in Children’s Painting

A painting exhibition by 42 children and young adults, aged 4 to 16, will be displayed at Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran from January 22 to 29.

Painter and art teacher, Anousheh Jam, has organized the exhibition, titled ‘War and Color’, Honaronline reported.

Each participant will present one work of art, under the theme of war.

“We asked the children to imagine a calm city with happy people before a war erupts, and the aftermath of the fighting and its consequence,” Jam said.

Participants were asked to portray a war-ravaged society versus a peaceful city in one sketch. The artworks will be dedicated to war-stricken children across the world.

Jam said it was rather difficult for the children to work on the subject as the young generation “has no tangible experience of war and violence in the battle fronts.” Several sessions were held to give appropriate information to the participants, relevant to their age and sensitivities.

Black pen, marker, color pencil, gouache, pastel and acrylic have been used for the paintings. After creating the works of art, each painter was asked to present explanation on their works. “In addition, parents were kept in the dark about the works of their children. They will see the results at the exhibition and will discover the impact of the violent developments in some parts of the world on the emotional state of children,” as reflected in their works, Jam said.

Children’s art has not received the place it deserves in Iranian art. Their works are of good quality and should be appreciated.