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Iran-German Play to Be Staged

Iran-German Play to Be StagedIran-German Play to Be Staged

The play ‘Border’, a joint production of Iran and Germany, will go on stage in both countries: in May and June in Tehran and July in Berlin.

Co-produced with the German theater company Nunerplats, head of the Iranian theater group Jafar Mahyari, who is currently in Germany, will stage the play in Tehran and Berlin, Mehr News Agency reported.

Mahyari who has co-directed and co-written the play with the German theater director Britta Schramm, said it depicts the conflict between two groups over the borders across their territories “but after a series of events, peace and friendship ultimately settle between them.”

Noting that the play has a cosmopolitan concept, he added: “In the play, the essence and necessity of borders is brought into question and is evaluated from a moral and humanitarian point of view”.

‘Border’ has no dialog and relies on movements only. “We have highlighted the use of body language and the combination of light, music, attires and décor have made the play more like an art performance.”

Saeed Abak, Anahita Safikhani, Bernd Stolberger and Kristina Forster are in the cast.