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Iranian Director to Make Hollywood Film

Iranian Director to Make Hollywood FilmIranian Director to Make Hollywood Film

Iranian young filmmaker Ali Atshani whose film ‘Negar’s Role’ is currently on screen in local cinemas is planning to direct his next movie in the US.

He will travel to the US in April to visit the film locations, Saba News Agency reported.

Initial consultations for the production began last April and with the pre-production phase underway, three foreign actors have been selected so far. Hollywood top actors George Clooney and Natalie Portman have reportedly signed up to play in the film. The Turkish-German actress Meryem Uzerli has also joined the cast.

It is a political film on the issue of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers. Except for the movie director, sound supervisor and director of photography, the rest of the actors and people behind the camera will be from the US.

This is the first time an Iranian director living in Iran, not an expatriate, is to make a Hollywood movie with an all-American professional cast and crew.

The shooting is slated for July in the American town of Modena in Pennsylvania. A Hollywood film company, whose name has not been revealed yet, will produce the movie.

Last year, Atshani produced ‘Paradise’ in Spain and Germany. His name is also mentioned as the director of the first Iranian 3D film ‘Mr. A’. His other major works include ‘President’s Cellphone’ and ‘Democracy in Daylight’.