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Works of Young Artists at Tehran Ace Gallery

Works of Young Artists at Tehran Ace GalleryWorks of Young Artists at Tehran Ace Gallery

A selected collection of art works by young artists, who took part in a virtual campaign organized by Pars Online Company, is on display at Ace Gallery in Tehran since January 15. Around 28 young artists are showcasing their art for a week.

The artworks have been chosen by a jury as well as by public voting from over 2,500 paintings of 800 artists who competed in the Pars Online virtual contest, Honaronline reported.

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony at the gallery, Reza Fateh, company CEO, said Pars Online in its previous project had lent support to skiing enthusiasts. This year, it decided to promote the works of young and less known talented artists.

As part of its corporate social responsibility and to create a way to connect with the art world, the company launched the campaign ‘Pars Online Gallery.’  Several of its billboards across Tehran were allocated to displaying artists’ paintings.

Presenting a platform for their works is usually one of the main concerns of young artists at the start of their career, and Pars Online provided young, creative painters the opportunity to showcase their art, said Saeed Ravanbakhsh, a member of the jury and head of Charsou Culture and Art Center.

Artists whose works have earned the highest jury votes will attend workshops in Iran and the UAE to familiarize them with international trends in art.

Besides workshops, they will be able to participate in the Dubai Art event and the Sharjah Biennale which are attended by world renowned artists and art collectors.

 Providing Opportunities

The campaign is not meant only to display art works and offer artists financial support, but “it is also designed to provide them with educational opportunities to further hone their creativity and prepare them to compete in the art market,” said Alireza Bitarafan, CEO of Navand Advertising Agency, and executive member of the campaign.

Apart from the exhibition, a two-day workshop on ‘the relation between art, artist and audience’ and methods of creating and selecting art works to presenting them in a suitable way, will be conducted by Fereshteh Moosavi, art director of Magic of Persia (MOP) foundation.

An educational tour will also be awarded to the six finalists of the campaign. They will attend the annual art sale of MOP in Art Dubai from March 13 to 16.

Ace Gallery is situated in No. 1831, next to Parsian Bank, Qeytariyeh Junction, after Pol-e- Rumi, Shariati St.