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‘Quandary’ Focus on Beliefs

‘Quandary’ Focus on Beliefs‘Quandary’ Focus on Beliefs

An exhibition of paintings by Iranian artist Morteza Pourhosseini is underway at Aaran Art Gallery.

Entitled ‘Quandary’, the collection includes 10 acrylic paintings on canvas, which are focused on beliefs.

By applying technical skills, Pourhosseini builds a bridge between artistic practices of the present to those of the past, Honaronline reported.

“In five paintings, I have put a cube in abnormally magnified hands of a woman. The cube symbolizes a thought or belief of the woman. Sometimes the belief is merely a principle one grows up with and in some cases it is an empty tenet,” he says.

In addition, the large hands of the woman challenge the long-held belief that men are the only heroes in history. The other five paintings, a man’s portrait, were inspired by 15th and 16th century mythical art, he said.

Realistically detailed and signaling the artist’s precision and focus, the paintings capture components that hint at the mysteries behind the image, making visitors ponder over the paintings.

In an introduction to the exhibition, the artist said: “The answer to the perpetual question of how we should live is as unfathomable now as it was centuries ago. The senses are easily fooled and reason is outwitted by human desire. Human beings are ultimately responsible for their actions.”

The exhibition will run until January 19, at the gallery located at No. 5, Lolagar St., Neauphle-le-Chateau Ave., Tehran.

Pourhosseini, 30, studied painting at Shahed Art University in Tehran. Some of his work was acquired by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for their permanent collection in 2014. His third solo show titled ‘The Circus’ was held at the Bohemian National Hall also in New York in the same year. He has participated in group exhibitions in and outside Iran.