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Installation Art at Ag Galerie

Installation Art at Ag Galerie
Installation Art at Ag Galerie

A total of 32 installation art works in different sizes by photographer Ali Zanjani are on display at Tehran’s Ag Galerie.

“In recent years I have created collections using archive images from cinema, television and news coverage. I am following an approach in which recycling and reusing existing images is the focus,” Zanjani said of his new collection to Honaronline.

In his projects, recycled photos and images from “thrown out TV archives have been revived in photography.”

He said his experience from his recent exhibitions gave him the diverse views of the audiences to static images. “Moving pictures draw attention towards a certain purpose or event but static pictures like photos leave the audience to make their own interpretation.”

On the effect of color in this style of photography, he said the photo negatives he has used in this collection are all in 16mm that “exaggerate the theme of being old. I have tried not to change the color of the images too much as the photos have red, orange and gold themselves.”

The only difference this style of work has with other photography styles is that here you do not produce a new image but use existing material to create a new artwork and view it in a novel way.

His previous exhibition was on wrestling and the interaction between the two wrestlers in a match. The new collection deals with physics. “A girl puts her hand on an electric globe and her hair is charged with the static electricity”.

“I only used the girl’s portraits, removing the moving pictures and kept just the static images.”

On his future programs, Zanjani said he has two collections for display. His next project contains 30,000 photo frames.

The exhibition is open to the public till February 3, from 12 to 8 pm, at the gallery at No. 3, Pesyan St, Vali Asr St.