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Audio Stories for Children in Cyberspace

Audio Stories for Children in CyberspaceAudio Stories for Children in Cyberspace

A member of a research center at the Children of the World Research Institute has created audio stories to share them in cyber space with children.

Pegah Razavi, a member of ‘The House of Story and Fable’ research center says she takes the stories from old fables and folklore literature. Her primary objective is to familiarize children and adolescents with stories that stem directly from Persian culture, ISNA reported.

Lullabies, peace and environment protection are among the main themes of the stories she records. Razavi explains that the stories are selected appropriate to children’s age. Changes are made wherever necessary to better adapt them to the needs of kids.

Music and lyrics accompany the stories to render them more attractive.

Some psychological and educational stories are also included in the series such as “An Owl that Was Afraid of the Dark”, “The Fable of the Wise and Ignorant”, “The Fable of the Flea in the Oven” and “The Fable of Jungle’s Sky”.

Razavi, 27, has a master’s degree in Arts Research.

The Children of the World Research Institute was established in 1994, with the aim to collect and register Persian fables and stories. To promote Iranian cultural identity among children and adolescents, the institute opened the House of Story and Fable. A research center it conducts studies on stories, fables and narrations with experts in the field. The results of its activities are offered to the academic society in Iran especially tutors and teachers, as well as parents.

“Persian stories and folk fables have become obsolete over the ages. Our children know Pinocchio better than ‘Chehel-Gis’,” said Vida Heidari, a senior member of the center.

Chehel-Gis or Chelgis is a character in a renowned Persian folk story of “Hassan Kachal”. According to the story she is the most beautiful woman on earth who Hassan falls in love with. She is trapped by a beast and to free her it requires Hassan to break the life glass of the beast.

The programs of the center are divided into two categories of practical and research projects. Part of the programs deal with getting children to know Iranian fables and stories through games, storytelling and theater.

The other part focuses on studying and research on the fables in various groups such as sociology and literature.