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Iranian Works Listed on MOWCAP

Iranian Works Listed on MOWCAPIranian Works Listed on MOWCAP

The National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI) will host a ceremony to present the registration certificate of Iranian works listed on the Memory of the World Regional Committee for Asia/Pacific (MOWCAP).

The ceremony will be held in Tehran on Monday (Oct. 27), which marks the World Day for Audiovisual (AV) Heritage, IRNA reported.

UNESCO has declared October 27 as the day to raise awareness of the significance of AV documents and to draw attention to the need to safeguard them.

Four Iranian works have been registered on the MOWCAP which include: Abu Is’haq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Farisi al-Istakhri’s ‘Kitab al-Masalik waal-Mamalik’ (Book of Roads and Kingdoms); ‘The Soul of the Reef’, a documentary film on coral reefs and marine life; ‘Vendidad,’ one of the five most important sections of Avesta, the oldest and most important book compiled in ancient Iran; and collections of Documents and Images of Karbala (spanning the period 1191–1992 AD).