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Music Performance for Women

Music Performance for WomenMusic Performance for Women

Iranian TV, cinema and theatre actress, Hengameh Qaziani, staged her first vocal performance at Vahdat Hall on January 9.

The music event which was especially for women was attended in large numbers by cineastes and others in support of the newly emerging talent, Honaronline reported.

The concert was organized by Rangin-Kaman-e Honar (literally rainbow of art) company, with a group of musicians to accompany the vocalist. Composed and arranged by the skilled Iranian musician, Reza Tajbakhsh, old and nostalgic pieces were performed in a modern arrangement.

Taraneh Pouryousef (orchestra conductor and flute player), Mojgan Abolfathi and Neda Behzad, (percussionist, Cajon - box-shaped Peruvian percussion) and Dayereh, (Iranian frame drum players), Golbarg Parvizi (bass guitar player), Paniz Shafaei (clarinet player), Ghazaleh Shirazi (violist), Yalda Samadi (pianist) and Azin Malekzadeh ( kamancheh player) composed the newly-established orchestra.

Qaziani, 45, has a master’s degree in western philosophy from the University of California, San Francisco. She entered the field of cinema in 2001 with her movie ‘Saye Roshan’ (literally penumbra), directed by Hassan Hedayat. She is also a theater enthusiast and is continuing her artistic activities, experimenting in new fields.