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ECO Ready to Make Film on 7th Century Philosopher

ECO Ready to Make Film  on 7th Century PhilosopherECO Ready to Make Film  on 7th Century Philosopher

Head of the Cultural Institute of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Eftekhar Hossein said on Saturday that the institute is ready to produce a documentary film on the scientific and cultural personality of Mir Seyyed Ali Hamedani.

Speaking at a commemoration service on the 700th birth anniversary of Hamedani, the 7th century Iranian Gnostic and scientist, Hossein said, “The late Mir Seyyed Ali Hamedani was the initiator of a new path in philosophy and even after the passage of so many centuries, modern philosophers still find interesting points in the works of that great Iranian thinker,” IRNA reported.

He stressed the importance of preserving Hamedani’s manuscripts and urged for their publication not only in the original Persian language, but also their translation into the English, French and German languages.


Hossein also said if Iranian cultural organizations “will shoulder the task of providing the life story of the prominent Shiite philosopher,” the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and ECO would be ready for its publication in various languages.

Hamedani was born in the early 14th century in Hamedan, Iran. After mastering various sciences of his day, he decided to uproot illiteracy in various parts of Asia and the Caucasus region. Thus he embarked on a long-term tour of those regions along with 700 of his elite students.

Also present at the commemoration service held at the Iranian National Museum, was the head of UNSECO Cultural Affairs Abdu Mahdi Mustakim and a number of other notable Iranian and foreign cultural figures.