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2016 Fajr Theater Festival Focus Shifts to Int’l Agenda

2016 Fajr Theater Festival  Focus Shifts to Int’l Agenda 2016 Fajr Theater Festival  Focus Shifts to Int’l Agenda

Programs for the 34th International Fajr Theater Festival in International and Street Theater sections were announced at a press conference by Mehrdad Rayani-Makhsus and Saman Khalilian, secretaries of the two sections respectively.

The focus of the festival this year is for theater groups to be more active in the international arena, said Makhsus adding that to achieve this “we have planned a series of measures and programs, including the Iranian Theater Spring Market, to provide local groups an opportunity to present their productions and achievements to a larger audience,” he said, quoted by Honaronline.

“The festival will emphasize new performing methods. Therefore, all programs and events on the sidelines have been designed accordingly.”

The street section kicked off on January 5. The festival will run through February 1.

Workshops, seminars and educational programs apart from the main event, will also be conducted. “This will give artists and participants more time to be involved in the process and learn more.”

A series of such workshops and classes included the Polish Theater week that came “as an educational research package.” During the week, Polish artists brought several stage performances, street theaters, workshops, seminars and exhibitions to Iranian audiences and the theater community.

Another workshop by Italian stage artists is nearing completion. A German workshop will also be held during the festival.

On the performances to be staged in the international section, from the 14 plays, 12 have been approved to be performed in Tehran theater halls. Two other performances are pending approval.

Productions from Japan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Georgia, Poland, Norway and Iraq will compete in the international section.

Two joint productions will also be staged. “Bi La La”, directed by Yasser Khaseb, is a joint production of Iran and Germany, and actor Qotboddin Sadeqi will perform in a play with artists from Iran and Turkey.

The most world renowned theater production in the Fajr Theater Festival is William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” by Thomas Ostermeier, acclaimed German theater director.

Makhsus stressed that the plays have been selected in a manner to satisfy a variety of tastes in quality and performing styles.

 Emphasis on Images

Khalilian highlighted the programs under Street Theater section and said “In line with the new approach of the Dramatic Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, a new policy has been adopted in selecting and organizing street theater this year.”

Contrary to the usual trend of street performances that are dialogue-based, “this year we have tried to choose rather diverse productions with more emphasis on images,” he said.

In the street theater section, from 32 plays, 8 are selected to be performed during the festival.

Two of the plays will be performed in rather unconventional places for a theater performance: “Woman’s body as a battlefield in Bosnian War” by Pantea Amirfasihi will go on stage in the former Qasr Prison and Hamid Pourazari will perform his work, “The Year of the Second”, at Sa’dabad Palace tennis court.

Tehran City Theater complex, Rah-Ahan Square, Milad Tower, and Iranian Artists Forum will host the festival performances.