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Nostalgic Pieces by ‘Avaye Mahan’

Nostalgic Pieces by ‘Avaye Mahan’Nostalgic Pieces by ‘Avaye Mahan’

The Iranian choir ‘Avaye Mahan’ will perform nostalgic repertoires of foreign tracks at Tehran’s Eivan-e Shams Hall on January 15 and 16.

A concert of a different kind, the event will present a selection of English, Italian and French musical pieces, which Iranians are sure to have fond memories of, Mehr News Agency quoted Nima Fatehi, director and conductor of the choir, as saying.

The ensemble will perform with a collection of wind instruments and chordophones, accompanied by the ‘Kama’ music group.

“The variety in the repertoire will leave the audiences amazed,” Fatehi said.

Avaye Mahan had earlier competed in the well-known Spanish ‘Canta al mar’ choir competition festival hosted in Barcelona in October 2015, a follow-up of the Interkultur Festival 2012.

Founded in 2007 by Fatehi, the ensemble has participated in the Fajr Music Festival (FMF) several times and won prizes in various competitions including the second place in the FMF 2011, the second place in the Shamseh Festival in 2011 and the third place in Mahalleh Festival in 2008.