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Theater and Culture for Early Childhood

Theater and Culture for Early ChildhoodTheater and Culture for Early Childhood

The 12th International Festival of Theater and Culture for Early Childhood will be held in Bologna, Italy from February 27 to March 6.

“Vision of Future, Vision of Theater” is the slogan this year. The festival is the core of an international network that includes exchange among artists, educators, teachers, pedagogues and professionals working with the target group of young children. Shows, training activities, meetings, lectures, conferences and seminars are part of the event.

Gerd Taube, director of Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Center in Frankfurt, Germany, will hold his second seminar called “Taking a Break”.  It will focus on artistic and creative notions of children’s theater, ILNA reported.

Art directors, playwrights, theater directors, stage designers and actors are invited to participate in the seminar, which aims to share constructive criticism over stages of production and development of a play. It also seeks to identify tools for surveying the effectiveness of art projects and performances and point out the weaknesses. As a whole it is after defining a more precise identity for creation of performing arts.

The two-session seminar will be held in English with Italian subtitles. Two ongoing stage productions will be surveyed and discussed. By paying 10 euro, participants can actively take part in review sessions of plays.

“The Laboratory of Randomness and Coincidences” workshop will be also conducted on March 3.