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Concept of Space in Fashion

Concept of Space in FashionConcept of Space in Fashion

An art exhibition titled ‘Espacementalism in Mode’ that opened at Niavaran Cultural Center on January 1 is reportedly the first of its kind.

The collection presents works from artists Mahyar Charmchi, Ahlam Habibollahi, Shahin Araqi, Mohammad Salimi, Hamidreza Sadri and Mohammadreza Saberian in the form of apparel design, painting, photography, poetry and music, Honaronline reported.

Erly Rusdillah, wife of Indonesian Ambassador to Iran, Dian Wirengjurit, scientific advisor to the Iranian Working Group for Organizing Fashion and Clothing, Isa Keshavarz, and well-known Iranian artists Bahareh Rahnama, Giti Khameneh and Iraj Hesabi attended the opening day.

Explaining the title, Keshavarz said it is “a manifestation of volume, in different fields of art and is definable in poetry, paintings, illustrations, sculpture and other art forms.” In simple words it means giving volume or adding new dimensions to art.

A French origin word, it literally means volume-oriented and refers to adding a rare 3rd dimension to a work of art (or mind), resulting in an outcome different from conventional concepts of 2D art (painting or such). It has a specific meaning in poetry too.

The word can be traced back to the teachings of ancient philosophers, namely German Immanuel Kant, Greek Aristotle and Iranian Mulla Sadra. The emergence of the concept of space in the fashion industry is quite innovative

The manteaus designed by Habibollahi are inspired by ancient Iranian architectural elements that introduce its identity without “any explicit artistic or traditional symbol.”

Artworks in other media surround the mannequins. Paintings by Charmchi in two different abstract and figurative styles decorate the walls. Although showing no traces of the outfits, the linear and color combinations consociates the painting and outfit designs.

Araqi’s photos depict close up frames of forms, which are less identifiable and invoke various perceptions.

Furthermore, verses by Salimi embellish convex and concave pieces of mirror, creating a different atmosphere at the gallery, along with the music played by Sadri, a combination of Iranian and western styles.

The exhibition will run through January 8.