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Tajikistan Keen on Strong Cultural Bonds

Tajikistan Keen on Strong Cultural BondsTajikistan Keen on Strong Cultural Bonds

Culture Minister of Tajikistan Shamsiddin Orumbekov has called for strengthening ties with Iran, particularly in the cultural field.

Meeting with the cultural attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad-Hassan San’ati, in Dushanbe on Saturday, he evaluated the relationships between the two countries in all fields “as positive,” especially in the field of culture, IRNA reported.

Orumbekov emphasized that Persian or Farsi as the common language of Iran and Tajikistan, “is a valuable asset for expansion of communication and cultural activities between the two countries.”

The Tajik dialect, however, has diverged from Farsi as spoken in Afghanistan and Iran.

The meeting approved holding Cultural Week of Iran and Tajikistan in their respective capitals. Also the two cultural authorities emphasized on “greater focus by Tajik people on written Persian,” to be able to benefit from their cultural heritage.