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‘A Predicament in Palermo’ at Fanoos Hall

‘A Predicament in Palermo’ at Fanoos Hall‘A Predicament in Palermo’ at Fanoos Hall

The play ‘A Predicament in Palermo’ on stage at Fanoos Theatre Hall tells the story of two brothers facing trouble in Italy.

Written and directed by Seyed Ali Miri, the play has three actors taking the roles of seven characters, who unravel the story of the two brothers living on the Italian island of Sicily, Mehr News Agency reports.

The plot centers on a bank robbery planned by the brothers due to their mother’s urgent need for money. However, they can’t commit the crime because one of the bank tellers switches on the burglar alarm. But they both are arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In between, their mother passes away.

The story intertwines between the characters’ dream and reality.

“Generally I work in minimal style, which is more a western school. Hence I decided to set a ‘western atmosphere’ for the story to make it compatible with the style,” said Miri.

“Of course, the story could have happened anywhere in the world,” he said. Soheil Abdi, Mohammad Asghari and Miri are the cast.

The play will be on stage until January 8, 2016 at the hall, located at No. 25, Azari St., Haft-e Tir Sq. Tehran.