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Persian Video Game Unveiled

Persian Video Game Unveiled
Persian Video Game Unveiled

The android version of Iranian video game ‘The Dark Wings’, produced by Majid Qannad, was unveiled on December 28 at Tehran’s Andisheh Cultural Center.

A production of Iran Computer and Video Games foundation, the game is said to have “the most professional cinematic effects, presenting a natural film look game,” Mehr News Agency reported.

The story, essentially a puzzle/adventure game, takes place in the cold winter and rainy season and is about the disappearance of actors, aka ‘Shadow of Night’ that is occupying the minds of the police and the people.

‘Captain Arman Tirdad’ one of the best in the police force, undertakes to handle the case. The same night, ‘Sam Haghighi’, another film actor and superstar is kidnapped, further boggling the police mind.

After being kidnapped, Sam realizes that he is detained at an abandoned insane asylum called ‘Wings’ and does his best to escape. However, by advancing in the Wings Asylum, he discovers the secrets of the past of this strange location.

‘Sam Haghighi’ and ‘Captain Arman Tirdad’ both get involved in the case in two separate locations, which dates back years ago.

The game includes 15 video clips, casting 6 cinema actors and dubbing artists.

The international online community of video games,, has ranked the ‘The Dark Wings’ among the 50 best works in 2015. The game has been designed for Windows, Android, IOS and will be available for other countries after being translated in several languages.