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Parvin Etesami Film Fete Ends

Parvin Etesami Film Fete EndsParvin Etesami Film Fete Ends

The closing ceremony of the 8th National and the 4th International Parvin Etesami Film Festival was held at Tehran’s Eivane-Shams Hall on October 24.

Aiming to honor women working in the 7th art (cinema), the festival, named after one of the great contemporary female poets of the country, came to a close after 4 days of film screening while announcing the winners in 14 different categories, IRNA reported.

A number of filmmakers, actors and officials attended the ceremony. Head of Iran Cinema Organization Hojatollah Ayoubi, emphasizing on the important role of Iranian women in various fields, especially art and culture, said: “with the help of officials and organizations, we try to support our filmmakers, especially women. This festival is held in other countries as well.”

Festival director Maziar Rezakhani also pointed to the abundance of women active behind the camera in Iran said: “Having more than 900 female filmmakers in the country means benefitting from a cultural army of women. There are also more than 2000 women involved in other processes of filmmaking.”

The winners of the festival were awarded the golden Parvin statuette, a commendation plaque, and cash prize. Further, a number of cineastes were also honored with the statuette and plaque.