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‘Wearable Caricatures’ at Kaveh Art Gallery

‘Wearable Caricatures’ at Kaveh Art Gallery‘Wearable Caricatures’ at Kaveh Art Gallery

Visual arts and jewelry exhibition ‘Wearable Caricatures’, by artist Aydin Mahboubi is underway at Kaveh Art Gallery.

The items are inspired by works of the late celebrated Iranian caricaturist and comedy writer Parviz Shapour. In addition to their artistic value as metal designs, the items can be used as pieces of jewelry, Mehr News Agency reported.

Using silver as the medium, rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches are for the first time combined with a less-related field of art, caricatures.

The exhibition will receive visitors through December 30 at the venue, located at Farid Afshar St., Zafar St., Shariati Ave., Tehran.

Parviz Shapour (1924-2000), began working with local newspapers after a career as a politician at the age of 31. By 1958, his stories were published once a week in Tofiegh magazine.

In 1968, Shapour collaborated with Ahmad Shamlou, editor of the art magazine ‘Khoosheh’ (Cluster), and one of Iran’s most celebrated poets. Shamlou gave the name ‘Cari-kalamator’, or word-caricature, to Shapour’s writings. The short humorous sentences proved to be widely popular with the Iranian public, and made Shapour one of Iran’s cultural and literary figures. His writings have been described as ‘cartoons expressed as words’.

His first book of writings and drawings was published in 1964, titled Cari-Kalamator. Shapour’s designs and drawings were showcased in exhibitions at the Art Gallery in Persepolis in 1968 and 1970.