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Iranian Motifs on Fabric

Iranian Motifs on FabricIranian Motifs on Fabric

A group exhibition of fabric design underway at Vali Art Gallery, displays painting works on cloth by young Iranian artists.

The collection includes works proposed by artists who attended an 18-month fabric designing course conducted by Pariyough Ganji, veteran septuagenarian painter, said Shadi Goudarzi, one of the participants, Honaronline reported.

“A part of the works thematize different Iranian historical eras, and include Qajar era architecture, painting and photography styles,” Ganji said, adding that one of her designs is inspired by tiling styles of the Safavid era.

Qajar (1785-1925) and Safavid (7th century) dynasties were among the more significant ruling systems in ancient Iran.

A part of the collection deals with interior design, including designs for fabric, curtains and wallpaper for children’s room, jewelry and clothing.

All items are gouache on paperboards and created from pieces of black and white collage. “To get the best suitable color, various color tests were carried out.” Her own work of art is an outfit draped on a model, made of numerous pieces of designer collages.

Works focused on painting styles are inspired by the art of acclaimed painters Spanish Pablo Picasso and French Henri Emile Benoit Matisse, Ganji said, emphasizing that the designs are producible, because “they include local elements and hence are compatible with Iranian taste.”

Milad Darvish, Oldouz Zargar, Asalkhatoon Taghavi, Afarin Safavizadeh and Samaryas Aghapour are among the artists.

The show will run through December 29 at the gallery located at No. 72, Khodami St., Vanak Sq., Tehran.