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Muslim Children’s TV Channel Soon

Muslim Children’s TV Channel SoonMuslim Children’s TV Channel Soon

HodHod (Hoopoe) English TV channel will launch soon as the first Muslim children’s channel.

HodHod Arabic TV, the first Shia Arabic children’s channel, kicked off in 2010 while the Persian channel was launched in 2012, Mehr News Agency reported.

The center for the Arabic TV is located in Beirut, Lebanon but it also has offices in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait and England.

Currently under development, HodHod English TV will kick off soon as the first Islamic TV channel for children. The channel will be available on three satellites broadcasting into the Middle East, Europe, US and Australia.

Based on the beliefs and teachings of the Shia Islam, HodHod will broadcast cartoons and series for children and adolescents as well as religious programs produced throughout the year.

The operators want to familiarize children with the principles of Shia beliefs and ancillaries of the faith. The Persian network centered in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is headed by Ehsan Helmi from Iran.