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Feeling a Crime With ‘All the Senses’

Feeling a Crime With ‘All the Senses’Feeling a Crime With ‘All the Senses’

The play ‘April 1912’ is on stage at Jamshid Mashayekhi Theatre Hall in central Tehran.

Written and directed by Farid Qaderpanah and Ramin Masoumian, it is about a family in which a member has been murdered. More and more details are revealed to the audience when a detective enters their home, ISNA reported.

The role of lighting and music is very substantial in the work. “Like our previous experiences, we place more importance on form rather than content. In fact, music and lighting exist on the stage as ‘separate characters’. We would like the audience to feel the play with all their senses of sight, hearing and touch,” Qaderpanah said.

However, he said that by narrating a crime story, they wanted to show how different people and sections of a society can contribute to corruption in an individual.

This is the second joint work by the two directors who have previously worked on ‘A Night Out’ written by English playwright Harold Pinter. Having a successful staging in March, Qaderpanah hoped the same would happen with the current work.

Producer Peyman Yahaghi pointed to the long duration of the play rehearsals which took over six months. “It all started from a workshop where a young team practiced over and over again by reading the script and acting it out till they were ready for the public performance”.

Kaveh Marhamati, Maryam Qorbanian, Ramin Jafari, Mina Zarnani, and Amin Jalali are among the actors.

‘April 1912’ will be staged every day until January 20, 2016, at the theatre hall located at No. 1478, Valiasr Crossroad, Enqelab St.