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Mother & Child Expo Ends

Mother & Child  Expo EndsMother & Child  Expo Ends

Displaying the latest products, achievements, and services from tens of local and international companies, the 5th Mother, Baby and Child Exhibition closed on Tuesday.

The expo, held in Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds from September 6 for 4 days, was host to experts in the fields of pediatrics, women and pregnancy, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition, and diet therapy, IRIB-News reported.

It provided parents, especially mothers with the opportunity to get to know new products in the market concerning their own and their babies’ health and welfare.

A wide range of products such as: layette, baby bedroom furniture, health products, prams, toys, etc. were displayed. There was also free medical examination of children and babies. The checkups included physical examination, optometry, ophthalmology, IQ test, and other examinations of child development.

Corporations and representatives from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, China, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Spain, UAE and Britain participated in the expo.