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ECO Art University Presidents to Meet

ECO Art University Presidents to MeetECO Art University Presidents to Meet

Tehran will host the 1st Assembly of art university presidents of ECO member countries next week.

Ten Economic Cooperation Organization members from Central Asia and the Middle East will attend the event slated for December 26-28 at Tehran University of Art, said Gholamreza Akrami, the university chancellor.

The program seeks to review cultural and artistic aspects of Iran and the participating countries as well as enhancing mutual cooperation, Mehr News Agency reported.

The ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) with its headquarters in Tehran is affiliated to ECO and aims at fostering understanding and the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of its members through common projects in the field of media, literature, art, philosophy, sport and education.

Established in 1985, ECO comprises Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Neda Amiralaei, director of international affairs at the university, said the suggestion of holding the meeting was made by the chancellor based on which a memorandum of understanding was signed with ECO in June.

An article of the MoU deals with granting scholarships to art students of member nations.

A total of 20 scholarships in different levels of bachelor’s and master’s degrees and PhD were presented by the university to the member countries. So far, 12 students have been named and the courses will begin when the other eight students are introduced, she said.

Eight MoUs between Iran and the other member countries will be inked at the upcoming gathering, “a unique event in the art scene ever in Iran.”