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Cultural Officials at ‘Method 3’

Cultural Officials at ‘Method 3’Cultural Officials at ‘Method 3’

A painting collection ‘Method 3’, by young Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo saw the presence of cultural officials earlier this week.

The series includes nine portraits created from over 200 photographs with a unique technique. The artist has put big and small degskrapors (scraper) to use, “dragging raw colors like white, black, red and blue on canvas, creating a loud cry of colors,” Honaronline reported.

Ali Moradkhani, cultural deputy at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Majid Mollanorouzi, director of the ministry’s Visual Arts Bureau and Qodratollah Aqeli, veteran sculptor visited the exhibition.

“My works are based both on painting and photography, with a strong focus on the latter in the earlier collections,” Khoshroo said, adding that in the current exhibition, the items are mostly involved with painting.

Moradkhani anticipated a bright future for the talented artist who “has an obvious courage in playing with colors and forms.” The ministry will continue to give support to young artists, introducing art events and providing the required space to present their works of art.

Aqeli said the earlier paintings by Khoshroo were mostly inclined to realism, but abstract dimension is more highlighted in the current collection. “A sort of tension and energy flows through the paintings.”

Khoshroo, 32, spent his childhood in New York. Later, after spending a few years in Iran, he left for higher studies at the Australian National University where he got his degree in digital art. Since then he is based in Iran and works at his studio in Tehran.

The exhibition will run through December 29 at Azad Art Gallery, No. 5, Salmas Sq., Golha Sq., Fatemi Sq., Tehran.