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Women’s Issues Reflected in ‘Daat’

Women’s Issues  Reflected in ‘Daat’Women’s Issues  Reflected in ‘Daat’

A photography and multimedia exhibition, titled ‘Daat’ by young artists Negin Kiani and Shadi Mehdizadeh is underway at the newly opened Ayrik Art Gallery.

The collection includes 12 color photos in 100x50 cm and video clips, which are complementary elements for the photographs, each portraying a different social problem faced by women, Honaronline reported.

Three big monitors on the gallery walls display the clips, so visitors can watch the videos simultaneously, said Kiani. “With the collaboration of a legal advisor, we selected and worked on 12 social issues involving women and have tried to describe the issues in a legal framework.”

The clips give 2-minutes time to 11 women with different beliefs, style and viewpoints about the social complications in their lives and to talk about them. Women have faced oppression throughout history, but the project seeks to correct that impression and portray the multi-dimensionality of women’s character. “At times the problems are rooted in mistakes made by women,” the artist said.

Kiani explaining the meaning of the exhibition title ‘Daat,’ said in the ancient Persian language and culture it meant “the spirit of justice” and in modern Persian, it was transformed to ‘Daad’, meaning justice. The project could teach visitors important lessons giving them an opportunity to evaluate the problems.

An introduction to the exhibition says: “This space is for women to speak their unspoken words which are also reflected in the photos.”

Women are not the only ones addressed. “There is a message for all people as everyone faces problems during their lifetime. The focus is on promoting the status of men and women in the society.”

Today, issues of gender inequality are growing, impacting the basic social institution of the family. The project helps visitors, especially women, to become aware of their rights and learn to respect the rights of others. People should learn to create an amicable atmosphere among members of the society.

The exhibition will run through December 29 at the gallery, located at 3rd floor, Ayrik Commercial Center, no. 296, East Ferdows Blvd., Sattari Highway, Tehran.