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Islamic Arts Faculty Okayed

Islamic Arts Faculty OkayedIslamic Arts Faculty Okayed

The Faculty of Islamic Iranian Arts has been constitutionally approved and would be officially opened soon, head of Art and Architecture Commission at the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution announced.

Mohammad-Hossein Imani-Khoshkhu said by launching this faculty, “The forsaken noble Iranian arts would be preserved and promoted academically”, honaronline quoted him as saying earlier this week.

Pointing out the fewer number of requests for studying Islamic Arts compared to other fields and also lack of high-profile professors, Imani-Khoshkhu said, “We aim at quality not quantity. There are a large number of enthusiasts for these arts but as this field has not enjoyed an academic position officially, they are forced to move to other available visual arts.”

Identifying talent to preserve Islamic arts is the primary role of this faculty and also to invite acclaimed professors in the field for their contribution, the former deputy ministry of culture stressed.

The faculty building would be completely in line with Iranian Islamic architecture.

The academy of Islamic Iranian arts was proposed by Mahmoud Farshchian, a celebrated world-known Iranian miniaturist and illustrator, to the supreme council three years ago.

The faculty will address mostly Islamic architecture and specific books on the subject are being compiled.