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Student Art Festival

Student Art FestivalStudent Art Festival

The first edition of the Student Festival of Art Visualization entitled ‘Patoq’ (a favorite haunt) commences Monday (Dec. 21) with focus on less considered issues in visual arts, say its organizers.

The participants include 75 architects, 174 photographers, 183 graphic artists and 145 painters from several universities including Tehran University of Art, Alzahra University, Tehran University of Science and Technology, Soureh University and Islamic Azad University.

Iranian graphic artist and scientific secretary of the festival, Bahram Kalhornia, head of festival policymaking council, Mohammad Soltanifar and event executive secretary, Shahin Farzaneh, explained the purpose of launching the festival at a press briefing at the Iranian Writers Association, Honaronline reported.

The event seeks to create an appropriate platform for university students on art visualization, Kalhornia said. “It is both educative and a cultural development exercise.”

The festival mainly targets graduates in art and aims to help create a professional atmosphere “to scientifically investigate and bridge the gap between students and the professional world of art.”

With a permanent secretariat, ‘Patoq’ creates the opportunity for the involvement of art graduates in their field of work.

Comprising members from different academic centers, the festival jury will assess the works of art.

Soltanifar hoped the festival will be held annually extending coverage to different dimensions of visual arts. In addition to the competition section, art workshops will be held to fulfill the training part of the event. “We aim to strengthen the creativity of artists and create job opportunities for them,” he added.

A brochure on the festival will also be published.

The festival will be inaugurated at the photography house of Iran Art Office. It wraps up on January 3, 2016, with a closing ceremony to be held at the Institute of Art and Culture.

The selected artists will be awarded cash prizes and commendation statues.