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Macho Folklore on Canvas

Macho Folklore on CanvasMacho Folklore on Canvas

A painting collection by young Iranian artist, Leila Fallah, is on view at Mehrva Art Gallery.

Titled ‘In Praise of Chicken’, the series includes 27 items of mixed media, portraying figurative and abstract styles in different frame sizes, Honaronline quoted the artist as saying.

The paintings are inspired by an ancient book on folklore ‘Training Women’ written by an unknown author. “The book is a less-seen lithographed work and is mainly focused on the criticism of women’s behavior,” Fallah said.

“The idea of the paintings triggered in my mind when I first read the book.” The author orders women to keep their husbands “satisfied,” by giving some instructions. With a macho attitude, the writer calls for the unquestioning obedience of women through admonishing words and instructions.

According to the anonymous writer, “women’s redemption in this life and the afterlife is only reached through absolute obedience of men,” she said.

The artist does not criticize masculine superiority imposed on woman in the book, but only seeks to illustrate the “theme of the book”, by using chickens and roosters as the main elements.

Fallah has used red and blue hues in her paintings, with the blue somewhat inclined to grey. The red makes the paintings vivid and bright.

Free flowing lines, creating dance-like motion on the canvas, together with other elements, convey the inner thoughts of the painter.

The gallery is located at No. 38, Azodi St., Karimkhan Ave., Tehran.