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Extempore Art at Dena Gallery

Extempore Art at Dena GalleryExtempore Art at Dena Gallery

Art project ‘Living Brushes’ by Mehrdad Jafari, a skilled Iranian painter, will open at Dena Art Gallery on Thursday (Dec. 17).

The project will provide an opportunity for visitors to watch the creative process of artworks, Honaronline reported.

A daylong program, on the theme ‘On the Ground’, the paintings will be created in a lively ambiance, a combination of workshop and performance,” Jafari said, adding that the artworks will be put up for sale.  Visitors can suggest their price offers at the start of the painting process.

Jafari said he prefers the performance art method and accordingly selects the artists for his art shows.

Specific audiences, who are fond of such art style, will be invited to the event, said Farshid Parsikia, head of the gallery.

In an introduction to the art event, Parsikia says: “Since the second half of the 20th century, artists have a tendency to create works of art before the audiences. The 1980’s are considered a turning point for the performing painting style and saw a surge in the influence of such artistic works. For instance, in the works by French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962) in the Anthropométries series, he used real models as “live brushes” covered in blue paint and dragged across or laid upon canvases to make an image. The title of the current event is a borrowing of the phrase. The project is neither a workshop, nor a performance, but at times close to both.”

The venue is No.4, Sousan St., Taleqani crossroad, Qarani Ave., Tehran.