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Virtual Photo Gallery Exhibition

Virtual Photo Gallery ExhibitionVirtual Photo Gallery Exhibition

A group photo exhibition ‘30 by 30,’ curated by young photographer Babak Haqi, will open on December 18 in Tehran.

The collection includes works by talented photographers active in virtual space, since some social networking websites, such as Instagram, (an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms), give them the opportunity to directly present their works to viewers through the art of photography, Haqi said, Honaronline reported.

Over 43 artists have submitted photos.

Referring to the title of the exhibit, he said: “The dimension used for the items is the same as used on the Instagram website, hence the name.” The works are mostly in black and white, focusing on the aesthetic sense and creativity of the artist. No special theme was defined for the collection, Haqi added.

The photos will be on sale with a maximum price tag of $88, “to enable visitors with different purchasing power to buy the artworks.”

Such events provide a good platform for young and talented artists, he said.

A statement on the exhibition says: “A visit to Instagram brings the users face to face with a flood of square photos uploaded by people around the world, making the website a popular means of introducing professional and non-professional works of art. 30 by 30 invites lesser-known photographers to share their works and points of view directly, without being overlooked with a mere ‘like’.”

Farid Aminoleslam, Bahar Ebrahimi,  Shahriar Akbarieh, Mohsen Etemadifar, Mehrdad Bahrami, Behnam Behshad, Ashkan Tirdad and Haqi are among the 43 artists, whose photos will be displayed.

The exhibition will run through December 29 at Persian Idea Art Gallery located at No. 28, Allahverdi Azar St., Kolahdouz Ave., Shariati Ave.