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Islamic Arts in Malaysia

Islamic Arts in MalaysiaIslamic Arts in Malaysia

The 2nd International Islamic Arts and Cultural Festival in Putrajaya, Malaysia (PIIACUF) will host artworks from Islamic countries from October 30 to November 2.

Iran is taking part in the festival with 20 artists showcasing their works in various fields such as calligraphy, painting, miniature, music and Iranian cuisine, MNA reported.

PIIACUF 2014 expects to receive over 100,000 visitors from the arts and culture, academia, professionals, business services and foreign mission communities and participation of 10 Islamic countries including the host country, Iran, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and Yemen.

The PIIACUF is aimed at pioneering the values of Islam through the perspective of a moderate society where arts and culture takes center stage in delivering the messages of Islam to the world.