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Iranian Designs in Top 10 at Dubai Fest

Iranian Designs in Top 10 at Dubai FestIranian Designs in Top 10 at Dubai Fest

The 3rd annual Runway Dubai Fashion Show, held last month (Nov. 24 -26), highlighted Iranian designs by Ghazal Torki and Rana Modabber, members of the well-known Zarir Apparel and Accessories Design Group.

Three outfits, an evening dress, traditional outfit and an airport crew uniform, by the two young designers found mention in the list of top 10 at the event, Honaronline reported.

The clothes, thematizing Iranian carpet motifs, were judged among 300 submitted works in a three-month long process, said Torki, adding: “In the final round, we were asked about the details and design process. Ten designers were selected among the finalists, including the two of us who represented Iran.”

The Iranian designs were three different aspects of the theme. “With an eye on traditional carpet motifs, like Toranj, (a Persian design in carpets) we worked on the fabrics, adding local accessories including handprint, needle work and embroidered lace work.”

The traditional dress was a combined version of all Iranian local dress styles and a cotton fabric bearing a printed carpet was used for the airport crew uniform, Torki added.

Zarir fashion design group was established in 2002 by a group of textile engineering graduates from Amir Kabir University. Under the guidance of their mentor, Professor Mazaheri, who provided them knowledge, research and shared his experience, Modabber and Torki along with some other students entered the fashion designing profession.

Utilizing their knowledge of textile engineering, familiarity with fabrics and dyes, various methods of dyeing, printing and finishing, and by attending numerous fashion designing programs, the pioneers behind Zarir have always focused on innovation.

Runway Dubai aims to be the ‘go-to’ premier platform for fashion talent exposure and development. Established in 2013 as a fashion promotional agency and based in the UAE, the festival has successfully developed into one of the leading fashion media events in the Middle East.

Each year, the event attracts local and international fashion designers, editors, journalists, media outlets, retailers, fashion industry professionals, celebrities and style setters. The platform provides an excellent opportunity for rising fashion designers to receive the well deserved exposure and recognition for their creativity and a prestigious platform for corporate brands to introduce and market their wares.