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Iranian Narration of ‘Hamlet’ in Milan

Iranian Narration of ‘Hamlet’ in MilanIranian Narration of ‘Hamlet’ in Milan

An Iranian narration of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ went on stage at Piccolo Theatre in Milan.

Invited and funded by the Italian Piccolo Theatre Company, the 2-hour play by the Quantum Theatre Group, was performed at the theatre center and welcomed by the audience, MNA reported.

Adapting classics – theatre, stories, novels – for the stage with a contemporary eye and also taking into account modern theories of physics (as is evident in the very name of the company) is the inspiration for the Iranian theatre group founded in 2009. It finds in Shakespeare a “privileged interlocutor.”

“Shakespeare is for me the universal compendium on the contradictions of human nature,” explains Arash Dadgar, director and founder of the company. “I find him astonishing, mysterious, and dramatic. He is my contemporary playwright! To stage Shakespeare means to put oneself to the test, to highlight what one knows and that which, regarding life, still evades us.”

‘Hamlet’, is the group’s latest production and was born from “a rewriting project which lasted four years.”

Dadgar chose it to seek answers to the many unresolved questions: is Hamlet mad? Is the ghost of the old King Hamlet real or simply a projection of his son’s mind?

“The answer I have given myself is that the tragedy is a continuous collision of electrons: like in physics, the result of those collisions is unpredictable. Uncertainty reigns.”

Piccolo is considered among the top 10 theatre companies in the world. For the first time it was inviting an Iranian group for a stage performance.