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‘Marzban-Namé’ Inspires Animation

‘Marzban-Namé’ Inspires Animation‘Marzban-Namé’ Inspires Animation

‘Marzban-Namé’, the 13th-century Persian prose work, is the inspiration for an animation movie of the same name, 13 episodes of which are ready for voice-over, director Behrooz Soltanifar said.

‘Marzban-Namé’ is an early 13th-century work comprising various didactic stories and fables used as illustrations of morality and right conduct, he told Mehr News Agency.

The animation is inspired by stories from the book, adding visual effects and imagination to make them vivid. The director says the characters and places in the animation are designed in a way that is “unprecedented” in Iranian animation. He said it is not intended for any particular age group and the audience from any generation could enjoy the program.

“The ancient text is more or less hard to comprehend, therefore we have recreated the stories in an imaginative and simple way” Soltanifar said. “The characters have distinctive looks as well as unique names like Gola and Balgoosh (Flap Ear). We basically avoided picturing animals in their conventional form since it would be boring and repetitious. Indigenous forms were also employed to give the characters a unique look. For example there is a lion called Red Thunder in the animation and for the lion’s mane we used elements from the ancient lion statues in Persepolis,” he added.

Stressing on the importance of music and voice-over in animations, he said 60% of the appeal is in the music and voice-overs; they are elements that can either “make or break” an animation.

The animation is under production in Pouyanamayee Saba center and is a combination of two and three dimensional techniques. So far thirteen 15-minute episodes have been produced and the 14th episode is under way.

Caption: A screenshot from the animation.