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Kids Have Field Day at Toys Expo

Kids Have Field Day  at Toys ExpoKids Have Field Day  at Toys Expo

Hundreds of toys designed and produced by Iranian manufacturers, were exhibited at the 5-day 2nd National Toys & Games Exhibition which concluded on October 24.

The exhibition at the premises of the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents was host to thousands of children and their families.

A vast variety of toys including educational games and different kinds of balls, scooters, skates, electric toys, robots, puzzles, dolls, and puppets were on display. There were puppets too based on Iranian animation characters like ‘Shekarestan’ (Sugarland), ‘Kolah Ghermezi’ (Red Hat), and ‘Shahre Moosh ha’ (City of Mice) as well as famous foreign ones including, Pink Panther, Micky Mouse, Barby, etc.

The whole hall was filled with excited children having fun and curiously examining the products and experimenting with different toys. The interest they showed in the local products indicated the success of Iranian manufacturers and the progress they have made in the recent years.

 Quality Improvement

Compared to some years ago, domestic production in children’s games sector has shown marked improvement in quality. Local manufacturers are producing quality products at affordable prices so they can compete with the abundance of foreign imports from eastern and western countries.

Close to 37 local manufacturers attended this year’s edition of the expo. A number of stalls were also dedicated to kindergartens, where children played and painted.

Besides the showcasing of toys, there were educational and entertaining programs also.

The occasion provided a good platform for toy manufacturers to introduce their latest achievements as well as to get familiar with the people’s needs.

The exhibition aimed at investigating the influence of toys on physical and intellectual development of children. It also sought to build ‘a choice of toys’ and create a cultural environment in the development of hobbies.