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Belgian Gambist in Tehran Event

Belgian Gambist in Tehran EventBelgian Gambist in Tehran Event

Belgian musician Liam Fennelly, a performer of the viola da gamba, will join the Iranian Baroque Music Group at Tehran’s Negarestan Garden musical event on December 16-18.

New repertoires from the Renaissance (a period in Europe, from the 14th to the 17th century) to the Baroque (lasting from 1600 AD to 1750 AD as a period of artistic style) eras are planned during the three-night event, entitled ‘Viol and Winter’, said Christophe Rezai, award-winning French-Iranian composer and head of the Baroque ensemble, Mehr News Agency reported.

Viola da gamba, also known as viol, is derived from the family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments that first appeared in Spain in the 15th century. The instrument was most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

“The instrument was last played in Iran 13 years ago,” said Rezai, adding that Fennelly will have solo performances at the event.

Fennelly received education in classical violin, viola and singing. He has also studied linguistics and literature of the Middle East and Central Asia.  Earlier in August 2014, he joined the ensemble in “Affettuoso,” a classical performance at Tehran’s Rudaki Hall, rendering a repertoire of pieces by Dario Castello, Marco Uccellini and several other renowned musicians.

The Baroque ensemble is composed of Reza Asgharzadeh, Farhud Biglarbeigi, Puyan Farzin, Puria Kiani, Amir-Hossein Noruz-Nasseri, Aidin Monem and Alireza Sadri.

Rezai, 49, director of the group, has made soundtracks for films, short films as well as art documentaries. He initiated a traditional Iranian music band (Aria Music) in 1996. Baroque has performed in music concerts in Tehran and India.

Further, Rezai established the Nour ensemble, whose repertoire focuses on medieval, baroque, Kurdish and Persian vocal music.