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Yarmohammadi’s Works on Display

Yarmohammadi’s Works on DisplayYarmohammadi’s Works on Display

The latest collection of modern sculptures by artist Mehdi Yarmohammadi is on display at Momayez Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

Comprising 10 small and large works, it casts an amicable look at nature, Honaronline reports.

The sculptures are made of light material, a change from his previous metal collection. “Some low weight, colored items are suitable for interior decoration,” said the artist.

Yarmohammadi’s method of sculpturing is modern, symbolizing detailed figures and forms and inspired by plants and natural elements. Extracelestial and metaphysical concepts, rhythm and motion are conveyed through large and unique circular forms, and seem more appropriate for outdoor decoration.

“I try to look at nature in a friendly way,” he said adding that the event is a fillip for people’s waning interest in the environment.

The exhibition will be open to the public until December 14 at the gallery, Art Garden, North Mousavi St., Iranshahr Ave., Taleqani Ave.

Yarmohammadi, 36, holds an MFA degree in painting from Shahed University of Tehran and a BFA degree in handicrafts from Sistan-Baluchistan University.

He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Iran and abroad, namely ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ in Aarhus Biennial in Denmark (2011), sculpture exhibition in Shahed Art Gallery, Tehran (2010) and ‘Exhibition of Sculpture and Space’ in Tehran’s Sheys Art Gallery (2009).

He was awarded at the Azadegan Festival of Art (2010) and the 2nd Urban Sculpture Biennale (2014) in Tehran.