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Rugs That Look Like Digital Glitches

Rugs That Look Like Digital GlitchesRugs That Look Like Digital Glitches

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed’s handmade woolen carpets look like they have been through a Photoshop accident.

Ahmed takes inspiration from traditional carpets but pushes the boundaries of his craft by crafting carpets that look like they have encountered computer glitches and corrupted images.

He works alongside a team of up to 25 skilled weavers to make his designs, with some looking like they are actually popping out of the ground, reported.

“My art is an experiment. I want to examine the subject matter to see how deep can we go inside something accomplished and holistic and to observe the influence this kind of a change can have on people,” Ahmed says.

What influences and inspires him the most are all kinds of travel, either physical travelling to other countries where he finds and explores traditions and cults spread on any certain territory, or travelling in his subconscious, different practices and meditations.

“There is something I believe, if you want to change the world, start with yourself,” he says.

A mixed-media artist, Ahmed lives and works in Baku. He graduated from the sculpture department of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in 2004. The artist previously focused on painting, video, and installation, but now currently focuses on textile and sculpture. He recently had a solo exhibition at the Italian gallery Montoro12.

The beautiful carpets are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in the US until January 10.