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Enamel & Copper in Germchi’s Works

Enamel & Copper in Germchi’s WorksEnamel & Copper in Germchi’s Works

A painting-art installation exhibition by Babak Germchi was hosted by Aria Art Gallery recently. It included 450 small items, some combined to create a bigger picture, using enamel and copper.

The exhibits focused on “a different kind of imprisonment, created by today’s state of the art technology that has captivated the modern human being,” Honaronline quoted Germchi as saying. “In present times, we see people fettered by communication technologies. Through the collection I tried to say that information is apparently expressed and published freely via technology, but it is heading towards an invisible prison,” Germchi said of his artworks.

The collection was a mix of graphics and paintings. Pointing to the numerous artworks, the artist said: “I wanted to challenge the viewer, bringing him to a holistic view. If you look at the items from a certain distance, you will see one integrated tableau, although the smaller components show up if it is viewed from close.”

Germchi, 57, holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Tehran University of Art. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in photography, painting and graphics.