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NY Islamic Institute Honors Farshchian

NY Islamic Institute Honors FarshchianNY Islamic Institute Honors Farshchian

The Islamic Institute of New York honored Iranian master of Persian painting and miniatures, Mahmoud Farshchian, earlier this week.

The artist’s role in introducing Iranian and Islamic art to the international art scene was commended at the event, attended by permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations, Gholamali Khoshroo, culture and art activist, Mehdi Faridzadeh, and officials from  Iran’s mission to the UN, IRNA reported.

Faridzadeh praised Farshchian’s characteristics and pioneering art style, describing his spiritual side which has always been reflected in his breath-taking miniature works.

Ayatollah Mohammad Eslami, congregational prayer leader at the institute, presented a brief biography of the artist and described some of his masterpieces and their role in cultural extension.

Farshchian was venerated with a memorial trophy.

The Islamic Institute of New York (IINY) is a non-for-profit organization, which offers religious and cultural services to Muslim communities in New York and the Tri-State area. The institute is established and registered under New York Religious Corporation Law.

Providing religious and cultural education, establishing mosques, disseminating religious knowledge through classes of instruction on the Qur’an, Hadith (quotes) and Sirah (life) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Household (AS) and teaching Islamic Sharia are among the declared goals of the institute.

  Influential Art

Farshchian’s powerful and innovative paintings are dynamic, expansive and vibrant with an appealing fusion of tradition and modernity, which are constituents of his unique style.

Farshchian, 85, was born in the city of Isfahan in Iran, a place famed for its art and artists, where he started to learn art, painting and sculpting.

His masterpieces have been hosted by several museums and exhibitions worldwide. He is seen as a modernizer in the field of miniatures, an art form which was first established in ancient Persia and later spread to China and Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.

The artist is the founder of his own school in Iranian painting, which adheres to classical form while making use of new techniques to broaden the scope of Iranian paintings. He has brought new life to this art form and has freed it from the symbiotic relationship it has historically had with poetry and literature, to give it an independence not previously enjoyed.

Master Farshchian has played a decisive role in introducing Iranian art to the world. He has been invited to speak and exhibit at numerous universities and art institutions. Six books and countless articles have been published about his works.