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Int’l ‘Poster Passion’ at Hepta Gallery

Int’l ‘Poster Passion’ at Hepta GalleryInt’l ‘Poster Passion’ at Hepta Gallery

An international poster exhibition ‘Poster Passion’, organized by the Ecuadorian ‘Poster Poster’ art group, is underway at Tehran’s Hepta Gallery.

The collection, including 32 unpublished posters from around the world, brings together international talent in the field of graphic design to celebrate and share their passion for posters, Honaronline reported.

The work of young Iranian artist, Behnam Raessian will be shown besides posters created by Adan Paredes, Andrew Lewis, Bruno Rivera, Chang Kim, Christopher Scott, Claudia Tello, Juan Madriz, Mario Fuentes, Marco Toxico, Sabina Oberholzer and Peter Bankov who are among the 32 invited artists representing different parts of the world.

The event is focused on the question why a designer creates a poster and as a media, what position a poster has for the artist.

Explaining his poster, Raessian said his focus is mostly on social issues as reflected in his artwork. “Today, cultural ideas are often used as a medium of influence” and this can be seen in his poster design.

Earlier in November, the posters were displayed in Puebla in Mexico. In the second phase of the event, Tehran is hosting the poster exhibit.

The Swiss city of Geneva, and Ensenada in Mexico in February 2016, will be the next venues for the exhibition.

Director of the gallery, Omid Shams said he is eager to contribute to developing artistic activities in the international arena and help young talent. “Preparing the grounds for international art events is the first step towards introducing Iranian visual arts to the world,” he added.

‘Poster Poster’ is an online community that celebrates the power and influence of posters on different cultures. It provides students, graphic designers and the public with up-to-date information on all poster-related matters. ‘Poster Passion’ is the first comprehensive art project organized by the group during its one-year activity.

The exhibition will run through December 10 at the gallery at No. 30, Shemirani St., South Ekhtiarieh St., Pasdaran Avenue.