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‘Rabbit Hole’ on Tehran Stage

‘Rabbit Hole’ on Tehran Stage‘Rabbit Hole’ on Tehran Stage

The play ‘Rabbit Hole’ directed by Fariborz Karimi is on stage at the Iranian Artists Forum’s Entezami Theatre Hall in Tehran.

A production of Bohemi Theatre Group, it deals with the ways family members survive a major loss, and includes comedy as well as drama, Mehr News Agency reported.

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire, American playwright, lyricist and screenwriter, the story is about the sudden death of a 4-year old boy, Danny, in a car accident. Becca, Danny’s mother, is usually a very responsible and sensible person, but makes some rash decisions because of her grief. Her husband, Howie, accuses her of subconsciously trying to erase Danny by selling the house, packing up his artwork and getting rid of their dog, Taz, and even erasing the most recent home video of Danny.

Pointing to the symbolic meaning of rabbit as “entering another world”, Karimi said in the original play, Jason Willette, the 17-year-old boy responsible for Danny’s death, writes a story about wormholes (a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe) in Danny’s memory, and sends it to Becca and Howie. “Jason’s story is about parallel worlds and attributed to a rabbit hole,” he said, adding that this is the reason why he has highlighted the concept in the 80-minute play.

‘Rabbit Hole’ received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play premiered on Broadway in 2006, and has been produced by regional theatres in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in the US.

Bohemi Theatre group, founded in 2011, has besides Karimi, Navid Fayaz, Shima Arab, Shakiba Fadaee, Mona Ahmadi and Nasrin Khorrami as members. The group has participated in the annual Iran International Festival of University Theatre (2011-2014) and the 32nd Fajr International Theatre Festival (2013).

Shakiba Fadaei, Mina Zaman, Hessam Mahmoudi, Noushin Masoudian and Sina Balahang are in the cast and the play will run through December 8 at the venue at IAF Art Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave.