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Kamkar, Taal Bands to Perform in Belgium

Kamkar, Taal Bands to Perform in BelgiumKamkar, Taal Bands to Perform in Belgium

Veteran folklore and traditional musicians have been invited to perform at a group concert in Belgium.

A group of Kurdish and Lurish-style (local music of western and southwestern regions in Iran) musicians including several members of the Kamkar’s and Taal music bands will hold a performance in Belgium soon, Mehr News Agency quoted Faraj Alipour, celebrated composer and Kamancheh (Iranian bow-stringed instrument) player as saying.

The dates of the Belgium tour have not been finalized yet. The groups are also set to perform in various cities in Iran, including Tehran.

The Kamakar’s music band, founded in 1965 by veteran violinist Hassan Kamkar, is composed of 14 skilled music players. The group has recorded numerous folkloric albums and single tracks. In 1997, the group founded the Kamkar’s Music Institution in Tehran.

The Taal ensemble has besides Alipour who heads it, another well-known vocalist Shahoo Andalibi.

Musicians Ali Akbar Shekarchi and Ardeshir Kamkar and his group will also join the concerts at both the local and the Belgium events.

Alipour, 57, recorded his first Kamancheh piece in 1969. He has released numerous Lurish musical tracks so far and has given performances in Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Australia.