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Iran & Canada in Animation Series

Iran & Canada in Animation SeriesIran & Canada in Animation Series

A joint production of Iran and Canada, the ‘Joy Village’ animation series has recently finished its production stage.

The series will be broadcast in 60 episodes, each lasting 7 minutes. The pre-production started last year in Iran by a group of experts including writers and animators, MNA reported.

“To improve the animation production industry, cooperating with leading countries in this field seemed essential,” director of Center for Animation Studies and Production at the Tehran Art Bureau Seyed Masoud Safavi stated. Therefore, it was decided to produce ‘Joy Village’ in cooperation with a Canadian company.

The Canadian company will be responsible for the post-production stage. Marketing, international distribution, publicity and sales will be handled by the Canadian partner. As the animation has no dialogue, the role of sound, effects, and music is vital in the work.

Expressing hope that it will be welcomed by children inside Iran and across the world, Safavi added, “The outcome has turned out to be very interesting, which shows the success of Iranian producers”.

‘Joy Village’ tells the story of a group of fantasy animals living on a ranch. In each episode, an unpredictable incident disturbs their quiet life, but they always try to solve the problem and move on.