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IAF to Honor Momayez

IAF to Honor MomayezIAF to Honor Momayez

Coinciding with the 80th birth anniversary of the late graphic artist Morteza Momayez, programs are planned by the Momayez Art Institute at the Iranian Artist Forum (IAF) in Tehran.

The inauguration ceremony will be on November 27 with an exhibition of illustrations by the master, ISNA reported.

A special guest of honor at the program is the renowned French graphic designer and poster artist Michel Bouvet.

Bouvet will showcase a selection of his posters which he has created for cultural centers and theater halls in a separate exhibit, opening on Friday. On Sunday, Nov. 29, he will hold a poster design workshop at Vijeh Visual Arts Institute.

Born in Tunisia, Bouvet, 60, is a professor of visual culture at the ESAG Penninghen in Paris.

His posters are very often the result of a mixture of techniques (photography, collage, sculpture, painting), which gives them a highly poetic-graphic dimension.

He has won many national and international design awards in Poland, Finland, Japan, China and the Czech Republic. He has also held exhibitions in India, Mexico, Japan, China and Poland.

Bouvet is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

   Pioneer in Graphics

Morteza Momayez (1935-2005) got his bachelor’s degree in painting from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran in 1965 and his diploma from Ecole National Superier des Art Deco in Paris, France in 1968.

He was one of the founders of the Iranian Graphic Design Society (IGDS) and a member of the AGI as well. Throughout his career, Momayez initiated many cultural institutes, exhibitions and graphic design publications.

A renowned pioneer of graphic design in Iran, Momayez received the Art & Culture Award of Excellency from the president of Iran in 2004.

He made three short animation films, one of which, ‘A Green Point’ (1972), won the honorary diploma of the Moscow Film Festival in 1973. He was the set and costume designer for several films and theater productions. He created posters for cultural events and designed book covers, emblems and logos. His articles and essays on visual arts and graphic design were published in national and international journals.

Illustration and poster exhibitions by Momayez and Bouvet will be open to the public till December 3 at the forum premises on N. Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave.